Why windows 8 remains Microsoft’s best upgrade

Why windows 8 remains Microsoft’s best upgrade

30th November 2022

Windows 8 is one of the most stable operating systems developed by Microsoft. When compared to Windows 7 there are major improvements in performance, capabilities, and security. If you’ve had to download Windows 7 but are now looking for the perfect upgrade, then Windows 8 is the one for you. What makes Windows 8 stand out is that it is designed to take advantage of touch screens.

Comparing Windows 8 To Windows 7

  • Windows 8 has a faster startup time in comparison to windows 7. Windows 8 starts twice as fast as Windows 7.
  • Windows 8 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
  • The start screen in Windows 8 has live tiles that constantly keep updating.
  • Search engines like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome perform faster on Windows 8.
  • Upgrading your system to Windows 8 ensures that you have a longer battery life.
  • Recovering data is very easy. The Push Button Reset returns your PC to factory settings without losing any data.
  • Windows 8 has a modern and simple User Interface.
  • Windows 8 gives users many new apps to explore. These apps display relevant information on their Start screen tiles, something that was not available in Windows 7.
  • Windows 8 has faster Wi-Fi reconnect time.
  • With Windows 8, SkyDrive is accessible to any app that wants to use it.
  • The minimum system requirements for Windows 8 are slightly higher than those of Windows 7.

Update To Windows 8 Pro

  • The Windows 8 Pro update was made to suit your business needs. With Windows 8 pro you get Remote Desktop connections, Windows Server domain, Encrypting File System, Hyper-V, Virtual Hard Disk Booting, Group Policy, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go.

Update To Windows 8.1

  • With the Windows 8.1 update, the minimum system requirements for Windows was reduced. You can now install Windows 8.1 on devices with as little as 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.
  • This update lets you run Metro-style apps inside desktop windows. The revised Start menu combines the app listing in the first column with a second that will display app tiles. With this update, you can uninstall multiple apps at once unlike in Windows 8 where you had to uninstall each app one at a time. Windows 8.1 supports advanced technologies such as Miracast streaming, Wi-Fi Direct, high-aresolution displays, and 3D printing.
  • The Windows 8 has made touchscreen computing a reality. Most of us look forward to technology integrating into our lives seamlessly. Just this additional feature offered by Windows 8 is enough to make the upgrade. If you are already tied to Microsoft’s ecosystem, then hesitate no more to make the jump.