Ulceration Colitis – Everything you need to know about this condition

Ulceration Colitis – Everything you need to know about this condition

30th November 2022

What is Ulcerative Colitis? It is a condition that causes acute inflammation and ulcers in the digestive track of your body. The chronic inflammation takes place in the large intestine, i.e., colon and causes many small ulcers on the lining that bleeds and in turn leads to pus formation.

Ulcerative Colitis is not very common among individuals but can be very painful. The condition can impact the lifestyle of a person and bring about many undesirable changes. The severity of the condition clearly depends on the level of inflammation of the colon and rectum. If the inflammation is extremely severe, the person is bound to suffer from equally severe symptoms. The symptoms can include diarrhea which may contain blood and pus, abdominal pain, and the urge to visit the toilet frequently. An individual may also suffer from loss of appetite, thereby, leading to rapid weight loss.

This condition is not one that develops over a short period. It may be a very long process before one even comes to see the symptoms. Both men and women can be affected by this condition of inflammation. And although people from every age group are at a risk, it may commonly begin during adolescence.

So what is the main cause behind Ulcerative Colitis? Well, the cause still remains unclear and hazy. While many doctors previously suspected that food intake and lifestyle had a role to play in this inflammation, studies now show that this is not the actual cause. A cause that is considered to affect the colon is the malfunction of the immune system. The immune system should desirably function in a way as to act against harmful bacteria, but in this case, the system may attack harmless bacteria. Genetic factors may be another reason why a person may fall prey to this condition.

A person should immediately see a doctor if any of the symptoms are noticed. If you have not been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis but can see the symptoms, it is advisable to undergo a blood or stool sample test as prescribed by your doctor.

New treatments have been developed to relieve the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. If the condition is mild, you can treat it home; however, more serious complications will require hospital admission. The medication will be able to bring back normalcy into your life. If the condition can still not be improved, surgery to remove your colon will be an option that you will have to take.