Types of inspection mirrors
digital inspection mirror

Types of inspection mirrors

30th November 2022

Inspection mirrors are flat-convex mirrors used to control the accessible parts of the vehicle without bending. These mirrors are generally used to gain visibility of the areas that are hard to reach or have an obstructed view. Digital inspection mirrors are attached to the pole to give extra extension to the user. Inspection mirrors can inspect over and under the vehicle or any object, depending on your needs. Here are some features of the inspection mirrors. Here are some types of inspection mirrors. 


Telescopic mirrors
Telescopic inspection mirrors have a long and extended arm, which can be extended in length and locked off by a twisting action at any length. When it is compressed, the extendable arm of the mirror is storable. The mirror is attached to the end of the arm in a circular, crystal-clear shape.                                          

Inextensible inspection mirrors
Inextensible inspection mirrors are smaller than other types of inspection mirrors. These mirrors cannot be extended. These inspection mirrors are used for the inspection of close-range objects with an obstructed view.                                                                                                                                   

Antenna type magnifying glass MTR
The antenna-type magnifying glass is used for inspection under the vehicle. It can easily be contracted and expanded and also has a grip for portability. It also can be enlarged with a magnifying glass. These mirrors are highly convenient for checking/inspections of hard-to-see and narrow locations.

Digital inspection mirrors
These are the inspection mirrors attached to the pole to give an extra extension to the user. These are smartphone-enabled inspection mirrors that have an LED illumination. You can connect these inspection mirrors through an app on the phone available for both android and apple users. Digital inspection mirrors increase your trust by showing inspection videos and images.                                                             

Large inspection mirror
These are unbreakable and lightweight acrylic mirrors. This mirror uses an easy grip and elastomer resin handle. It has a 3-stage expansion that enables compact storage. These are used to inspect under-car bodies, the ceiling space, and also the sewage pipe.                                                                                                                               

Check mirror
The check mirror part employs an acrylic resin handle to break. The angle can be adjusted to a wide range, as it has a ball joint. The bolt nut fixes the ball joint and also improves the holding force. The length can be easily adjusted. It uses a slip-resistant soft-grip, enabling easy gripping.                                              

These are various types of inspection mirrors. Digital inspection mirrors are the latest model of inspection mirror that helps in assessing the damages more accurately. 

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