Toyota Tacoma TRD – A sturdy off-roader

Toyota Tacoma TRD – A sturdy off-roader

30th November 2022

The Toyota Tacoma TRD pro-model has been considered a beast on the off-roading category due to its easy maneuverability with the ease of minimal driver input. These midsize pickup trucks are suited for all terrains and come with a large number of features that amplify the overall driving experience.

Some of the exquisite features on this truck include its four-wheel drive, multi-mode traction control, locking center and rear differentials, steel skid plates, huge all-terrain tires, and tow hooks. Also, the Tacoma has easy-to-clean upholstery which helps to get rid of much easily in case it gets inside the truck. The major standout in the Tacoma TRD off-roading trim is the updated control panel in the truck that is equipped with switches and knobs that aid with Toyota’s Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select systems. The Crawl Control system assists the pickup truck to move within cautionary speed limits that enables road handling on varied terrains. This system works in sync with the Multi-Terrain Select program that helps to pick out the mode of the terrain whether it is rocks, mud, sand, or snow.

Although the pickup truck’s exterior is nominal, it is composed of a sturdy body that will age well with time. Unlike the 17” rubber wheels seen on stock pickups in the marker, the Tacoma’s wheels are 16” alloys that are suited with tall and rock-deflecting sidewalls to traverse well off-road. Toyota Tacoma’s finished bed is fitted out with the household-style outlet, bed liner, dampened/locking tailgate and light.

The Toyota Tacoma’s fuel efficient despite its large features and is available in V6 engines with an option of either automatic or manual transmission gearboxes. The wide range of pre-fitted off-road features adds to the trucks overall performance in hard terrains.

Although there isn’t much that is remarkable about the interior, the standout is the narrow roof pillars which contribute towards sufficient overall visibility. The dash and the interiors are trim, and there are small storage spaces for keeping things intact.

Overall, the Toyota Tacoma’s good value for money.