Tips to wearing the right men’s shoes

Tips to wearing the right men’s shoes

30th November 2022

Shoes are an integral part of our lives. Even when you meet a stranger on the road, you are usually sized up by the shoes you are wearing. Many people believe that even today, you can tell a gentleman by his shoes.

Your shoes are a window into your personality and lifestyle. Investing in quality shoes doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, when you save up money to buy a good pair, you learn to respect your shoes and take good care of them.

Here are four good tips for buying the right men’s shoes.

Choose the occasion: If you’re choosing a formal pair for work, you definitely will want something with clean lines. Business professionals wear shoes that are dark with sharp, discrete lines. Formal shoes have few options yet manage to look stylish and serious.

Invest wisely: You don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by buying exorbitantly priced shoes. However, you wouldn’t want to go too cheap since the quality will show soon. Get a shoes made with quality, soft, premium leather or suede material. These usually last longer than most. Try to avoid any shoes made with crocodile or snakeskin. These are harder to maintain and have shorter lives.

Investing in a good shoe which is comfortable and functional can add years to its life and make it last longer.

Aim for comfort: Shoes should be a natural extension of your feet. Don’t sacrifice comfort for looks. You should try to get something that complements your posture and fits well. Good shoes have great ankle support and align the back of your heels right for proper support and alignment. You exert most of your weight on your feet so make sure your shoes come with adequate padding and cushioning to absorb shocks and reduce impact.

Keep in mind the usage of the shoe. Will you be wearing it all day at work? Is it going to be used for nights-out with your friends? Comfort can be compromised if you are aiming for a visual impact.

Maintain your shoes: The life and look of your shoes depend very heavily on the amount of time you spend maintaining them. Waterproof your shoes to minimize wear and tear from mud and dirty water. You wouldn’t want your expensive shoes looking scruffy just after a few weeks. Learn to shine your shoes like a pro and ensure they look spic and span. Well polished shoes can create a good impression and make you look like a man with discerning taste. Make sure you pair your shoes with the appropriate outfit.

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