Taking advantage of coupons – Hertz coupons for car rentals

Taking advantage of coupons – Hertz coupons for car rentals

30th November 2022

Weekend trip in the offing? Maybe you’re taking a road trip to visit friends or check out some sights. Or maybe you’re flying to another city or state for a wedding or a much needed vacation. Or maybe you’re taking a trip on work. Well, having your own transportation to get around is always the best, and thus, renting a car is the top choice. Every rental car agency has a club you can be a part of, or membership you can take advantage of. They always have some or the other offers that are tailored to corporate clients and memberships, with others for non-business travelers, and even specials for international travelers. And these days all of them also have extra discounts and coupons that are advertised online or which they send you as email offers.

With a Hertz membership or when you get Hertz coupons, you can get a whole lot of discounts on your car rental and on additional services and even go on to earn frequent flyer miles with certain airlines! However, one needs to remember that the offers and types of discounts of course vary from city to city, and by country as well. You could just spend a little time beforehand, doing research on the internet, and you can be armed with the knowledge and information to get yourself the best possible deal on a car rental, and also have on hand the discount coupons and offers specific to Hertz.

So, now, let’s talk specifics what are some of the perks that Hertz coupons get for you, when you’re renting a car? Apart from the official Hertz website and the offers on it, from Groupon deals to coupons from sites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com and Coupon Sherpa, amongst others, a little research will get you discounts, both as percentage off or a round figure in dollars, as well as some additional waivers of fees or freebies like free GPS, free car seat for a child, or no additional driver fees. One Hertz coupon entitles you to a free day on your car rental, when you’ve rented for a period of at least seven days. Another offers $5 off per day on a car rental, with a minimum stipulated days rental, and yet another site has a discount offer from 10 percent, to up to 40 percent, depending on duration of rental, and other factors like week day or weekend rental.