Selecting the Right Harley Parts before Biking Trips

Selecting the Right Harley Parts before Biking Trips

30th November 2022

The snow is easing out. In a month or two, the first spring flowers might already be in bloom. It is soon going to be the perfect season to head back on the road for that motorcycle trip you have been itching for so long. You can’t wait to head out and set off on a biking adventure.

You need to work on that beloved Harley and get the bike back in shape before setting out on a fun road trip. The spark plug may not be working just right, some wires might need to be replaced, the battery needs to be charged or perhaps it must be replaced altogether.

Maintenance is mandatory

There is a lot to look into if you want to have that perfect biking experience. Start the maintenance work well in advance. Don’t overlook any vital repairs. Check the bike for any major repairs and replacement of Harley parts that it needs.

Remember, sometimes shipping takes time. Don’t wake up at the last moment to start repair and maintenance work, scouting for the parts and accessories you need. You might realize that the Harley parts you need won’t just reach you in time for the trip you have already planned.

If you have had multiple trips in the last season, chances are that a lot of maintenance work needs to be done to get the bike in prime condition. There are some important checkpoints to cross out before you head out for a long ride. Check if the lights or the horns are working fine. Ensure that the oil, clutch and brake fluid levels are right. If not, replace them with genuine Harley products.

Check everything

Inspecting the condition of the tires is very important. The tires may be worn out, the tread depth may not be good enough and you might need to find the right tires from an authorized Harley parts dealer. These checks will make for a balanced and skid-free ride. Superior-grade Dunlop tires meant for Harley bikes can add to the comfort of your next ride. If you have been riding the bike for years on end, changing the tires is a great investment to make.

Other important maintenance requirements to check are if the chain is correctly adjusted. If it needs lubrication, you must get a good chain lubricant from a certified Harley parts dealer. The clutch, brakes, mirrors, gear shifts must work in optimum condition. Most of the maintenance work can be easily done at home. Some specific repairs need the intervention of a good mechanic.

Additional accessories

Some additional accessories are required while planning long-distance motorcycle trips. Genuine Harley parts like luggage racks, touring screens against bugs, and top boxes go a long way in making that trip comfortable.

A good dealership can cater to all the needs of your Harley bike. Harley Parts for all models, including the popular Touring, Dyna, Softail, and Sportster models. A range of accessories and parts from the air intake and fuel systems, brakes, suspension, exhaust, grip, foot controls, frame and body parts, luggage, seats, and backrests are available.

Go online

Are those spark plug wires of your Softail worn out? Well, replacement is just a click away. Sites like eBay and Amazon have a large collection of genuine Harley Parts. In fact, Amazon recently had a 40% discount on select parts. The Harley Davidson WLA WL 45 Flathead Oil Tank Eaton Cap with original leather gasket sells for about $10.

Certified, genuine parts can also be easily ordered from various online stores. Some also offer attractive discounts before the start of the biking season. While making an order for Harley parts, put in the precise details to ensure correct delivery. Before ordering, check for the shipping price as well. Sometimes, the shipping costs more and it would be better to check out the neighborhood dealer personally to get good rates.

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