Popular flat screen TVs to choose from
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Popular flat screen TVs to choose from

30th November 2022

The latest televisions of 2018 have already made their way to the retail stores. The love for flat screen TVs are inevitable, and this is one good season to watch out for the flat screen TVs sale that hits the market every year. The largest flat screen TVs in the living room is just like a home theatre. Moreover, the best part of flat screen TVs is that even the small flat screen TV gives a lifelike image.

There are smart new designs present in almost each of the many brands; moreover, purchasing a flat screen TV during sales can help you save big and also get great deals. Listed below are some of the best flat screens TVs in the market:

LG C8 series OLED 4k TV
This TV speaks for its picture quality. It has got the blend of the latest features and has a flawless design. The Ultra HD picture is incredible, as is the Hybrid log gamma, Dolby Vision, and LG’s WebOS interface. The TV is quite affordable—the 65-inch and 55-inch models are sold online for around $3,500 to $2,500 while the 77-inch model is sold for around $9,000, which makes it worth investing in.

Samsung Q9FN QLED
This is one of the best-rated flat TVs of 2018. The impressive deep black frame and outer finish is brilliant. It has an amazing display and the direct backlight and signature work by Samsung OLED shines through with this model. The reasonable price tag is one of the best aspects.

Sony A8F Bravia OLED TV
This is yet another incredible addition to your living room. The picture quality and voice control are excellent. The ultra-premium flat OLED TV has dazzling features as well. This is one of Sony’s top picks. Sony’s acoustic surface technology just replaces the traditional speaker. The picture quality, without a doubt, is the best and the online price is about $3,395. If you are one of those who value the look of the TV, this is one great choice.

LG signature OLED TV W8
This has an incredible picture quality with a stunning outer appearance. The price tag online for the 77-inch version is around $9,000; however, the base price for the 55-inch begins at around $3,000. If money is not the primary concern, then this is one such product which holds all the future-proof components like, audio immersion, HDR format, etc.