Got an insect bite? Here’s how you can identify it
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Got an insect bite? Here’s how you can identify it

30th November 2022

Usually, insects and bugs will bite or sting when they are provoked. For example, spiders, bees, wasps attack when they are disturbed. On the other hand, bites from other insects such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, fleas and so on can catch you unaware. In either case, you need immediate first aid to prevent the insect bite from causing any infection or a serious health hazard. Identifying the insect bites is the first step towards treating them.

Once the symptoms of insect bite have been identified, it becomes easy to know what remedy can be applied to alleviate the discomfort caused by the bite. Here is a list a few common symptoms for easy insect bite identification. Check these symptoms and consult a doctor for identifying insect bites and get immediate medical attention.

  • Bed bugs bite: If you want to know what do bed bug bites look like, you can look for photos of bed bug bites. Physical symptoms such as swollen red skin with a dark center with bites appearing in groups or a line would be quite evident from the pictures; bed bug bites photos that are available online would be one of the easiest ways to identify whether the bite is a bed bug bite or not.
  • Spider bites: Easily-identifiable 10 signs of a spider bite include a blister on the bite area, an ulcer beneath the blister, two puncture marks on the skin that might be painful, stomach cramps, sweating, headache, muscle pain, purplish skin, itchiness and redness over the bite area. Whether you are looking for recluse spider bite signs or any other type of spider bite symptoms, almost all spider bite identification guides will indicate these as the tell-tale signs.
  • Mosquito bites: Immediately after a mosquito bite, there will be an itching sensation on the bite area along with the appearance of round and puffy bumps. The bumps become swollen, hard and red. Multiple bites may happen over the same area. Itching aggravates the bite and is followed by a slight burning sensation.
  • Flea bites: Fleas usually bite around the feet and lower legs. The symptoms start appearing as soon as flea bites. The area where a flea bite becomes itchy, and there are red bumps that are surrounded by a reddish halo.
  • Fly bites: Some of the common flies that bite are sand flies, tsetse flies, and deer flies. The common physical symptoms are the appearance of red bumps and blisters over the bitten areas. These bumps and blisters are quite painful and highly like to be infected since these flies feed on the blood after biting.