Furniture: An essential part of human lives

Furniture: An essential part of human lives

30th November 2022

Furniture refers to the movable yet inanimate objects that are crafted to help and sustain human life, every step of the way. They can include a number of things like chairs, stools, tables, cupboards, etc. It is an essential part of home decor and serves multiple purposes. It also highlights and increases the decorative quotient of a particular room or place.
Furniture is usually made from wood, plastic, and metal. Furniture has been a part of human lives ever since the dawn of civilization. Earlier, trees, rocks, and mosses were used as natural furniture. The English word “furniture” has been derived from the French word fourniture. Today, with the advancement in knowledge and technology, there are many different kinds of furniture available, serving various purposes. Some of them are as follows:
– Beds (single, bunk, sofa-cum-bed, twin, master, etc.)
– Cupboards
– Countertops
– Shelves
– Sofas
– Closets
– Stools
– Chairs (office, corporate, residential, outdoor, etc.)
– Tables (revolving, wooden, metal, plastic, dining, outdoor, etc.)
– Cots
– Chests
– Workbenches and seating for laboratories

Wooden furniture pieces are the most common since they look the best and are durable too. Wooden furniture can add grandeur and sophistication to a room. The two main types of wood used to make such furniture are softwood and hardwood. High-quality and expensive furniture is made from hardwood which includes walnut, cherry, birch, maple, mahogany, teak, and oak.

Desks furniture: Modernizing the future of furniture
Desks furniture is a kind of furniture with a flat surface that can be used as a table to work upon. Also known as a “bureau,” desk furniture is used in schools, offices, and many such places. They are also used for other professional and domestic purposes. It can be used for keeping books, laptops, computers and other essentials. Desk furniture is usually made from wood and metal. Sometimes, even tempered glass is used in manufacturing it.

Uses of desks furniture: Convenience and utility
Desks furniture, mostly used in schools, offices, and other educative or commercial environments, serves many purposes.
– It can be used as a table for studying in schools, home, or other educative environments.
– It can be used as a temporary or permanent workplace (computers, laptops, and other equipment).
– If it has multiple drawers, it can serve the purpose of storing multiple goods like books, pens, etc.
– Some desks furniture comes with wheels at the bottom. These provide mobility to the furniture, making it easy to move the desk from place to place.
– It usually comes with space for accommodating chairs or stools.

Influence of computers:
Thanks to computers and digitization, the world of furniture has undergone a massive change. Earlier, desks were used for paperwork only. Now it is a place for resting documents, laptops, computers, stereos, and other equipment to be worked with or upon. Private offices and government offices in the US have cubicles for workers, each supplied with desks and computers. This cubicle system came into play mainly after the “tech boom” in the 1990’s. A notable example of desks furniture is “The Resolute desk” of the Oval Office that has been the workstation of many American Presidents.