Factors to Consider When Picking up a Plow Attachment for Your Truck

Factors to Consider When Picking up a Plow Attachment for Your Truck

30th November 2022

Snow and ice removal is a lucrative business especially in areas where winter is the primary season of the year. This is also a profitable side business for landscapers and lawn mowers as it can bring in a decent amount of profits during the colder months of the year.

Picking up a plow is an important investment irrespective of how small or significant your business is. The wrong plow can give you a lot of troubles and unnecessary maintenance expense. Many plows are available in the market based on the size, mount type, and the vehicle it is mounted to.

Most snow plowing business owners have small to large trucks and usually, need plow attachments for the truck they will be using to remove the snow. Irrespective of whether you are buying a brand new plow or a used one, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when buying the plow. Here are three factors you need to consider when picking up a plow attachment for a truck.

Weight of the blade

Check the weight of the blade of the plow attachment you are looking at. Plows for vehicles like Jeep and small pickups will be lighter than the plow attachment for a truck. Get a snow plow with the right weight for your trucks as a too light one won’t perform well and a too heavy blade will affect the braking of the vehicle. The plow width for small vehicles starts at 6 and half feet and goes up to 9 or 10 feet for large vehicles like pickup trucks.

Material of the blade

Another important factor to consider when getting a plow attachment for a truck is the material of the blade. While a majority of the brands offer steel plows, several brands also offer blades made of polyethylene. Each of them has different anti-corrosion properties.

A steel plow attachment for a truck is a more durable option as they are versatile in their uses and have better corrosion resistance as compared to the polyethylene ones. However, regarding the maintenance, a polyethylene moldboard tends to require less painting and other maintenance attention as compared to the steel ones.

Type of plows

The third important factor you need to consider when picking up a plow attachment for a truck is the type of plow. Other than that you also need to check on the different plow control options and the mount it offers and whether or not it is compatible with the truck you have.

Keep all these factors in your mind when picking a plow attachment for your truck to choose the best one for your business.