Chronic pain – Here is how you can get rid of it
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Chronic pain – Here is how you can get rid of it

30th November 2022

One of the most underestimated branches of study can be pain management, as people generally associate pain as a single entity and usually associate it with levels of intensity. Not many people do realize that there are variations in pain and they are commonly referred to as acute pain and chronic pain. There is a huge difference between these units and the treatment plan also vastly differs between them. Let us look at it in depth.

Any pain that lasts more than 12 weeks is called Chronic pain, but acute pain is the normal sensation or reaction your body has when you get injured. Mostly in this case, the pain can be an alert rather than a pain that is consistent. In chronic conditions the pain may last more than 2 months and in some case even for the entire life. Chronic pain can arise from an internal injury, such as a person’s movements that can further reduce flexibility, strength, and stamina. Chronic pain can also lead to other conditions like a feeling of helplessness or depression. Since a person’s daily activity is curtailed the individual can lose their interest and a sense of well being. It is mandatory to now that chronic symptoms are going to be with us and they have to be treated with adequate care and in many cases on a long term basis.

Health care professionals rely on the patients testimony and identify the pain as there is n set cause for the finding the pain. Based on the inputs, the area is tested and the reason for the pain is first identified.

Also, the history of the patient is analyzed along with the evaluation of the pain.

With chronic pain, the main aim of the treatment is to reduce pain and improve flexibility of the person, so that he/she can resume day-to-day activities. There are can be many types of treatments and most of them are customized based on the pain levels and the area where the individual is experiencing the pain. The chronic pain can be successfully cured only when the underlying condition is addressed. Hence more often along with medications and drugs, doctors advice the usage of less invasive psychotherapy, relaxation therapies, acupuncture, meditation, and massage therapies. Surgeries are rarely performed for chronic conditions and are done when all the options have been exhausted.

To avoid being a victim of such chronic conditions always be active and be energetic in your daily lives. Do not let the symptoms hamper your life and choose the right medications and the right medical centre for the treatments.