Causes of Nose Bleeding and How to Cure It
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Causes of Nose Bleeding and How to Cure It

30th November 2022

Nose Bleeding is a common problem. Some people tend to get scared seeing blood flowing out from the nose. There are rare conditions wherein nosebleed may indicate a serious underlying medical condition. Basically, nose contains several blood vessels that are fragile and bleed easily, even if mildly tampered. Nosebleeds can happen to both adults as well as children who are 3 to 10 years of age.

Types of nosebleeds

There are two kinds of nosebleeds:

  1. Anterior Nosebleed- The most common type of nosebleed and occurs when the blood vessels located in the front part of the nose get tampered, resulting in bleeding.
  2. Posterior Nosebleed- This takes place when the blood vessels at the back or the deepest part of the nose get ruptured. In such a scenario, there is a flow of blood down the throat. Posterior nosebleeds are relatively dangerous.

There are so many different causes of nose bleeding. Let us see some of the common causes of the same.

Dry air is one of the main causes of nose bleeding. If you live in a dry climate where there is regular use of the central heating system, the nasal membranes tend to dry out. This dryness leads to the formation of crusts inside the nose. When you try to tamper these crusts, it can cause bleeding in the nose.

Other common causes of nose bleeding are:

  • Any foreign object stuck in the nose
  • Cold Air
  • Chemical irritants
  • Any kind of allergic reaction
  • Any injury to the nose
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Regular picking of the nose
  • Infection in the upper respiratory system
  • Taking high doses of aspirin

Some uncommon causes of nose bleeding include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia
  • Blood clotting disorders

Most nosebleeds do not necessitate any kind of medical attention. Nevertheless, you must call for medical attention in case the nosebleed lasts longer than 20 minutes, or in case the nosebleed is a result of some serious injury.

Some of the injuries that may lead to nosebleed are a car accident or if someone punches your face. Nosebleeds that happen due to an injury usually indicate a broken nose, any kind of internal bleeding, or a skull fracture.

How to stop nosebleeds?

  • Sit and pinch a soft portion of your nose, which is located right above the nostrils, for about 10 minutes.
  • Then lean forward so that no blood goes back your throat.
  • Put an ice pack on the nose bridge.
  • Do not lie down, rather stay upright
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