Budget quick and easy breakfast recipes

Budget quick and easy breakfast recipes

30th November 2022

Tight on money this month? All you need is a couple of very simple and affordable ingredients to make these quick and easy breakfast recipes.

Power sandwich: Have a couple of jumbo eggs and some salmon left in your fridge? Here is a cheap way to make full use of these protein rich ingredients to make this delicious and budget power breakfast. Just scramble a couple of jumbo eggs and toss in a few slices of delicious salmon with a few tomato slices and some cheese, if you want, on a nice toasted bun.

Vegetables with fried egg: Made with ingredients which can be shopped for under a dollar fifty, with leeks, celery, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, turnip, beet, eggs. Just fry the eggs and finely dice all the veggies to be mixed in a bowl together to prepare this tasty mixture of goodness. A nice and healthy way to start your day on a budget. Though the preparation time for this dish is more than what you would generally spend for making breakfast but it is definitely worth the taste.

Tomato stew with eggs: Very easy to make with a minimal number of ingredients and time used for that matter. All you will need is a couple of finely chopped onions, bell peppers of your choice, cloves, garlic, a couple of eggs, some seasoning and you are all set to tackle this under $2 recipe.

Banana French toast with caramel coating: French toast is probably one of the easiest egg recipes to make that does not require time and effort, with cheap ingredients like eggs, some milk and any bread for that matter. Mix the eggs and milk, dip the slices of bread to coat them well and just toast nicely on a pan until golden brown. Add some spices of your choice and you can even add a caramel coating to the toasted bread to give it a sweet spin off.

Breakfast taco: Have some taco shells, a couple of eggs and don’t know what to do? Just make a nice hearty healthy omelet to be stuffed in the taco shells with the filling of your choice and you are all set to go.