A 5-step guide to designing a logo for free
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A 5-step guide to designing a logo for free

30th November 2022

Irrespective of whether you’re starting a charitable organization, local store, or just a personal blog on the Internet, you need to create your brand. But, that’s not just it. Creating a brand is no piece of cake; it requires hours of research, a well-drawn out plan, and, most importantly, a logo. A logo is not just something that will go on your merchandise but an essential part of what your brand is trying to be. It is a graphical representation of everything that the company stands for.

So, how do you do all this and more with your logo, especially if you’re on a tight budget? Well, mentioned here are a few tips to help you create your logo design completely free of cost:

  • Think about your audience
    One of the major steps to creating a successful brand is to understand your audience, and this holds for the brand logo design as well. Your logo should not alienate your audience but should convince them to join you. Understanding the demographic helps you understand the colors you can use as well as the artwork you can create.
  • Color is everything
    After you know your audience, you can narrow down the color palette by a whole lot. Colors send out a whole bunch of messages. Some send out messages of reliability, while others showcase passion and strength. You must keep this in mind if you want to create your logo design for free.
  • The font matters too
    Along with a carefully chosen color, you would want to use a professional font that will draw attention to your brand logo. Choose from the four main types of fonts wisely. That said, don’t hesitate to step away from the norms and try on different styles if you have a more creative blog or website.
  • Try out different versions
    Remember, making just one logo will not suffice. You need to make different versions and run it by people to help understand which design works and which one is not as effective. Not to mention, you can also use different versions of the logo on social media.
  • Pick out a logo designing tool
    Once you’ve got the design down, you need to start actually creating the logo. To create a logo design for free, you can choose from a wide range of online tools like Tailor Brands, Wix, Canva, and many more.