5 commandments to follow while renting a mobile home
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5 commandments to follow while renting a mobile home

30th November 2022

The epithet “mobile homes” is quite suggestive of the specialty of these houses they are mobile! Mobile homes have the earlier caravans as their ancestors, which were a major form of accommodation in the war-struck nations. However, the present mobile homes are nothing like the caravans of earlier days. They are fully-equipped with all the modern amenities that one would seek. Also, it is a great option for those who aren’t financially capable of owning a sprawling apartment or for those wandering souls who wish to experience the comforts that their home provides, even when they are constantly on the move.

The good news is that, if you wish to experience the novelty of a mobile home or decide whether it’s the one for you, you don’t have to buy a mobile home. You can rent it! A well-equipped mobile home can be easily rented. So, if you wish to rent mobile home, then there are certain factors that you must take utmost care about before signing the deal.

The perfect location- There are various mobile home parks spread across the country and if you wish to rent a mobile home, then you can conduct some research and zero-in on the area you would find conducive to your requirements.

Mobile home rent- Another factor that determines whether you can rent a mobile home is your budget. Different mobile homes would charge different rates of rent. The onus is on you to find whether the rent quoted justifies the amenities available in the mobile home.

Terms of rental agreement- If you have found a mobile home that suits your requirements and fits your budget, the rental agreement would be the next step. You must go through the terms of agreement with a fine comb and the mobile home rent, the lease for the same, the deposit amount, and the clauses regarding the refund, should be stated clearly.

Mobile home park rules- If you are renting a mobile home in a mobile home park, there are certain rules that would be applicable to all its occupants. Go through it and adhere to it, since in most places, disobeying these rules can mean eviction from the place.

Health and safety matters- Every mobile home park must fulfill the requirements laid down by the government. Vicinity to hospitals, proper sanitation, connectivity to roadways, etc. are the terms of condition that mobile home parks must fulfill. So, rent a mobile home in a mobile home park that functions as per the rules laid down by the government.

So, when you set out to rent mobile home, ensure that you keep these commandments in mind.