5 Best Upright Freezers to Choose From
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5 Best Upright Freezers to Choose From

30th November 2022

Are too many items being stored in your freezer? Can everything not fit into one refrigerator? Well, upright freezers are perfect for your freezer storage needs. They are perfect standalone freezers, which would be enough to accommodate all the items that do not fit into your regular fridge. Following are some of the top models for upright freezers that you can consider and at great prices.

Igloo FRF110
This particular model is a 1.1cubic foot vertical freezer, making it a perfect choice for confined spaces. Additionally, it offers temperature control, helping make your food as cold as you like. You can find different used and new models of the Igloo FRF110 online for a price of around $211.49.

Midea WHS 109 FW1
This model by Midea is not only Energy Star compliant but also comes with a manual temperature control and comes with a 1-year warranty. Another feature that you can make use of is the manual defrosting feature. It is priced at approximately $199.99 and is available in both black and white color variants. You can store up to 105 lbs of food without any hassle. This is one of the best upright freezers offered by Midea.

This 14.1-cubic foot freezer weighs roughly 200 lbs. Priced at around $929, it comes with two sliding and life-out bulk storage baskets. Also, it has provision for four different shelves. The adjustable temperature control feature ensures that your food remains as cold as needed. There is also an audible temperature alarm and the inner light can help you navigate through your midnight cravings.

Whirlpool WZF79R20DW
With a capacity of 20 cubic feet Ft, this Whirlpool upright freezer is priced at approximately $949. You can make use of the Fast Freeze option when you need chilled food for parties immediately. Otherwise, you may simply opt for the electronic temperature control that keeps your food at the perfect temperature. The Frost-Free Defrost feature also prevents a build-up of frost and saves you from the hassle of undertaking manual defrost again.

Samsung RZ32M71207F Upright Freezer with Power Freeze
With no-frost technology and the digital inverter feature, this upright freezer is one of the best models to buy today. Additionally, the brand Samsung spells durability and reliability. The freezer comes with multiple spacious cabinets, ensuring that you keep your all weekly groceries in stock without trouble. It retails at approximately $915.

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