4 striking features of the Apple iPhone XS
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4 striking features of the Apple iPhone XS

30th November 2022

The launch of the Apple iPhone XS and XS Max saw a series of redefined features. With larger displays, immaculate camera specs, and advanced technologies, the iPhone XS and XS Max have undoubtedly gained a lot of popularity.

Let us take a closer look at four of the striking features of the Apple iPhone XS.

Display features like never before

The iPhone XS is all about a larger screen and a bigger canvas. The 5.8-inch screen comes with Super Retina custom OLED display. Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are perfect for those who love a larger screen for watching movies or playing games. Moreover, the customized OLED comes with an HDR display that offers the industry’s best color accuracy, along with amazing brightness and contrast.

Camera with added specs

With the dual-camera system, you will be able to get your hands on the next-gen photography and experience high-quality photos and videos. The dual-camera system assimilates the Neural Engine, the ISP, and cutting-edge algorithms and helps you discover new possibilities when it comes to clicking stunning pictures and shooting videos.

One of the key technologies of both iPhone XS and XS Max is the Smart HDR. The Smart HDR brings together multiple technologies such as an enhanced ISP, advanced algorithms, and faster sensors, and it offers heightened shadow detail and highlights to the photos. Moreover, the adjustable depth of field lets you take amazing selfie portraits, and you can also personalize the depth control.

Face ID – security got simpler and safer

The Face ID uses the next-gen machine learning adaptive recognition that recognizes changes in appearances as well. This simply means that whether you have your glasses on or not, the Face ID would recognize you and unlock the phone or any app. Moreover, new algorithms, coupled with the cutting-edge Secure Enclave, make the Face ID faster and more secure. Now you can unlock various applications without typing the username and password and simply by using the Face ID.

The TrueDepth technology in the camera system works in real time to instantly recognize your face and unlock various applications and the phone.

The A12 Bionic chip – the most powerful in a smartphone

Talking about incredible performance, the A12 Bionic chip with the advanced Neural Engine lets your smartphone operate faster and smarter. One of the most powerful chips in a smartphone, the A12 Bionic chip uses real-time machine learning and helps transform your experience. Whether it is gaming, photos, or augmented reality, the A12 Bionic lets you get a redefined user experience.

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