4 high-quality brands of horse training aids
horse training aids

4 high-quality brands of horse training aids

30th November 2022

Riders often use special gear to coach their horses successfully. High-quality training aids keep the horse comfortable, improving their performance. Such aids also ensure the safety of both the horse and the rider. Plus, they are durable, so you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements. The brands below manufacture premium items like handcrafted draw reins and superior lunge lines. Whether you’re beginning as a trainer or are a professional jockey, you can find first-rate training aids among these brands.

  • Weaver Leather

The esteemed Weaver Leather has been in the business for decades now, crafting top-grade equestrian gear for riders across the world. Established by Harry A. Weaver, it started small in 1973 and then gradually grew into a global manufacturer of leather horse training aids. If you’re looking to buy stirrups, they make exceptional ones. They use hickory wood, and 24 gauge galvanized metal, which means the item is bound to last for a long time. Also, you can avail free shipping at Weaver Leather if your order crosses $100.

  • Walsh

Walsh is a brand that often comes up in conversations between westerners. It was founded in 1914 and currently sells an array of high-standard training gear such as cotton long lines, PCN training surcingles, and chambons. Only the finest materials go into crafting their products, which is why they look and feel spectacular. They also have high-quality pelham and ring bit convertors for additional assistance while training. Also, if you’re looking for a harness, look no further because the innovative and incredible Walsh No-Buckle Harness gives other brands a run for their money.

  • Tapestry Equine

This is a distinguished brand with a massive collection of horse training aids. They carry comfort girths, neckstaps, and excellent cinches. In 2009, Tapestry Equine launched the now well-known Spursuader spur that provides superior comfort to the horse and reduces the stress that comes along with training. Most of their products seek to improve the performance of the horse by providing exceptional comfort, which is why their aids are made with premium materials.

  • Toklat

At Toklat, you’ll find a variety of training gear ranging from antique stainless steel mouthpieces to copper snaffles. It is a one-stop shop for everything equestrian because they not only manufacture their own special training aids, but also distribute products from well-known brands. Their brilliant girths and ornate bit shanks have world-class quality. The brand’s attention to detail, comfort, and quality reflect in their products, which ultimately will improve the rider’s relationship with the horse.

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