4 daily habits to combat back pain

4 daily habits to combat back pain

30th November 2022

Back pain can force you to stop what you’re doing and can get the spotlight in a jiffy. You cannot ignore a back pain. If one ignores the issue, it may get worse and cause hindrance to your lifestyle. To carry out an effective back pain treatment, one can indulge in some daily tweaks which will help in supporting the back and stretching the muscles even as we take care of the problem area. Here is the perfect daily routine which will give you significant back pain relief.

Use a pillow under the knees

You can place a pillow under your knees when you sleep. It is a commonly tried back pain treatment that keeps the legs elevated, decreasing the pressure on the back and the spinal cord. This is especially important if you happen to sleep on your back. This posture usually puts a lot of pressure on the spine area.

Build your core

When you are suffering from back pain, you will notice that the smallest of actions and movements cause a lot of pain, stress, strain, and fatigue. In order get a back pain relief and have a normal lifestyle, you should indulge in exercises which will work your core. Once you have built your core strength, it will be easier for you to stand and walk for extended periods of time and with a good amount of stamina. This also brings down the risk of injuries to the back.


Make tweaks in your diet to sneak in plenty of vitamin D and calcium. These nutrients will give you much back pain relief in the long run. To use these two nutrients for back pain treatment, you can start having milk, yogurt and even berries which are rich in both the nutrients. Leafy green vegetables will also give you a healthy dose of calcium, while eggs and lean meat along with fish will make you a generous dose of vitamin D.


Choose your shoes with care for effective back pain treatment. Stick to a comfortable, blow heel sole which will not put pressure on the back.

In addition to these methods, one should maintain a good posture at all times for back pain relief.