4 Best Brands for Electric Blankets
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4 Best Brands for Electric Blankets

30th November 2022

Harsh winters are usually accompanied with a lot of cuddles in the bed or the living room with the family. Even during road trips to colder hill stations or cities, you end up carrying a lot of blankets and jackets. With electric blankets, you no longer need to do any of that!

Based on the features and reliability, we list the 4 best brands in the market for electric blankets:

Sunbeam is a very famous electronics brand in the country and one of the most trusted for home appliances. Not only is the brand very affordable, but it is also easily available at home stores across the country and the world! The Sunbeam Channeled Micro plush heated blanket is one of a kind type of electric blanket. These electric blankets are ultra-soft and provide consistent heat to your body. With the Thermo Fine technology, the blanket auto adjusts its temperature to the temperature settings that you have selected. You can also select from 10 different heat settings depending upon your preferences! The digital controller that comes along with this blanket offers a preheat setting as well. This means that you can warm up your bed prior to slipping into it at bedtime! You no longer need to cuddle up in cold sheets and wait for the temperature to increase!

RoadPro is one of the most famous brands when it comes to electronics and gadgets for automobiles. For people who love to travel and want to stay warm during their road trips, RoadPro offers a 100% Polar Fleece Material blanket that can easily connect into the cigarette lighter of your car, bus or truck. It can be easily folded and tucked away in any corner of your seat without taking up too much space! The 8 feet power cord of this blanket comes with an LED indicator on the plug which shows you how hot your blanket is. RoadPro manufactures some of the most affordable products for travelers and these electric blankets are a steal! They are cheap without any compromises on the quality.

Trillium Worldwide
Similar to RoadPro, Trillium Worldwide also manufactures lifestyle products specifically catering to travelers who enjoy road trips in their vehicles. The brand manufactures portable electric blankets which can easily plug into any 12-volt power outlets and heats up quickly. When you connect this to your car cigarette lighter connection, it does not affect the overall features of the car because of its low-amp draw. If you are on a road trip with a lot of kids and older parents, this blanket is the best companion for you. You no longer need to worry about turning the air conditioning on and off just because a few of the passengers are cold while the others are sweating! The Trillium Worldwide electric blankets are extremely soft, made with superior quality polyester fleece which easily warms up in a few minutes. You can also enjoy an automatic shutoff at 30 0r 45 minutes!

Serta is a famous brand, well-known for their mattress and bedroom furnishing supplies. The brand produces some of the best mattresses, beddings, pillows, and blankets which are made of high-quality fabrics. Serta Luxe has a range of micro-fleece blankets that are portable and electric as well. You can pre-heat the blankets which means you no longer need to cuddle into a cold bed on a harsh winter night! The electric blankets from Serta have a low voltage technology which is safer than the other cheaper brands out there. These blankets are ultra thin and not too heavy with a lot of bulky wires. With consistent heating and equally spread out wires, you don’t have to struggle for hot or cold spots! Do note that Serta is a high-end luxury brand which means you will need to splurge on this blanket. If you are on a tight budget, this might not be the brand for you.